Our Mission

Serve the legal cannabis community a pr emium product experience and personalized offering that integrates retail with delivery partners in a way that is unique to what is currently being offered in the cannabis space.


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About Mayorijuana

Mayorijuana is a California based cannabis company lifestyle and brand founded by former mayor of Hawthorne CA, Chris Brown, PhD. Mayorijuana is the first company in the cannabis industry started by a former elected official. Mayorijuana offers a luxury cannabis experience to consumers with an initial product suite that features pre-rolled hemp wrapped blunts, similar to high end cigars, and premium clothing that accentuates our overall style. More than just a brand, Mayorijuana is a lifestyle company that seeks to normalize cannabis use among political figures and high society influencers; penetrating the upper echelon of the market with clothes and accessories to accompany top quality cannabis products.



Top shelf premium rolled hemp blunts | One off • 6 Pack • 12 Pack • By the Ounce

Our vision

Mayorijuana will be a multi-state operated, vertically integrated cannabis company that

attracts the affluent customer. Paired next to brands like Ferrari & LVMH, experiences like luxury villas on private islands and consumer products like Fiji water and Dom Perignon. Mayorijuana will accompany a lifestyle of wealth and affluence while still offering the average consumer a quality product for a fair price.


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